Intermodal Transportation

Specialized Intermodal Container Transportation
Serving the Pacific Northwest

Large Fleet Super Chassis
Over 60 super chassis
40/45 foot chassis with sliders, 20 foot chassis with sliders, auxiliary axles, 20 foot tanker chassis

Specialized Tanker Chassis Fleet
Fleet of Tanker Chassis
Most have hydraulic rams for lifting tank to unload

Tractor Fleet
Over 40 units
Most of fleet is four axle tractors – allowing for increase load weigh capicity

Legal Dray Weights using Super Chassis
(Below weights are approximate- call our Operations dept. for specfics)
20’ Steel Container 52,000 lbs
40’ Standard Steel Container 58,000 lbs
40’ HC Steel Container 57,500 lb.
40’ Reefer w/gen 52,000 lbs
45’ HC Steel Container 52,000 lbs

Motor Carrier Authority
DOT Authority: USDOT Number 183667
State/Provincial Authority: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, California and British Columbia.

Hazardous Commodities
WCT is a registered Hazardous Material transporter with USDOT, Registration Number 062005-009-009N.

TWIC Certification
All fleet drivers undergo an extensive background check and are Transportation Worker Identification Credential certified.

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